What is the Johnson & Johnson Pharmacy Academy?

The Johnson & Johnson Pharmacy Academy is a programme aimed at supporting Pharmacists, Pharmacist Assistants, Front Shop Assistants and Clinic Sisters to understand and recognise basic symptoms, the customer diagnosis process and the potential treatments and over-the-counter (OTC) recommendations that can assist in relieving symptoms. This is beneficial to the work environment as it builds confidence in customer service skills and product recommendations (remember, only Pharmacists may recommend OTC products).

Who is the Johnson & Johnson Pharmacy Academy for?

If you are currently a healthcare professional - Pharmacists, Pharmacist Assistants, Front Shop Assistants and Clinic Sisters working within the Pharmacy environment, you are eligible to sign-up to the Johnson & Johnson Pharmacy Academy. Studying at the Johnson & Johnson Pharmacy Academy is a great way to further your on-the-ground knowledge and career.

How can I join the Johnson & Johnson Pharmacy Academy?

Registration is open until 31 March 2018. There are 4 ways to register:

  1. Contact your Johnson & Johnson Pharmacy rep
  2. Sign-up online at mypharmacyacademy.com
  3. Email the Pharmacy Academy Team at info@pharmacademy.co.za
  4. Contact the Pharmacy Academy Team telephonically on +2721 480 9625

If your pharmacy does not have a Johnson & Johnson Pharmacy rep you can register online at mypharmacyacademy.com to be part of the programme. Once signed up, you will receive your study material via email, and be notified as soon as CPD activities and Class Tests are live on the website, and ready to be completed.

What do I require for registration?

Registration is free and there are no additional costs for the duration of the course.

To sign-up to the programme, you will need to complete a registration form requesting the following information:

  • Title
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth (DD//MM/YYYY)
  • ID Number
  • Email address (if available)
  • Mobile number (required)
  • Job description (required)
  • HPCSA/P number
  • Pharmacy name (required)

For more on our data policy, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

How does the course work?

If your pharmacy has a rep, you will receive 2 Study Packs which will be delivered to your pharmacy, during the course of the year. If your Pharmacy is not repped you can access the 2 Study Packs as they are released through our Online Learning Platform at mypharmacyacademy.com. Each pack will include a mandatory Class Test, which automatically enters your name into a lucky draw to win prizes.

You have to complete both Class Tests scoring an average of 80% in order to graduate. Once you have graduated, you will receive a graduation pack and certificate.

What is CPD?

Pharmacists, Pharmacist Assistants and Clinic Sisters will have the opportunity to complete 2 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) activities to earn CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for the year. CPD activities will only be available online.

A minimum achievement of 70% is required to earn CEUs. Each CPD activity is worth a minimum of 1 point. All activities are dated and need to be completed within the given timeframe to qualify for the allotted CEUs. You will not be able to complete the activity once the closing date has passed, however all CPD articles will continue to remain live for members to access and download.

All information related to the CPD activity is stored for a minimum of 3 years to ensure compliance with the HCPSA. All records will be treated as confidential and will only presented in the event of an attendance audit.

How do I update my details?

Visit your profile or speak to your J&J Rep to update your details. In the event of you changing jobs, contact us straightaway on 021 480 9625 or info@pharmacademy.co.za to ensure that you continue to receive your study material for the year.

I’ve forgotten my username – what do I do?

Click on the ‘Forgot your username or password?’ link on the homepage. Then select username and whether you would like to receive your username by email or SMS. A reminder will be sent to you. Usernames always adhere to the following format: first name, surname, and a 4-digit number e.g. johnsmith1234.

I’ve forgotten my password – what do I do?

Visit the mypharmacyacademy.com homepage and click the ‘Forgot password’ link beneath Login. It will open up onto the Forgot Password page which will ask you to enter your username. Click submit. You will receive an email with a One Time Login (OTL) link which is valid for 72 hours. Click the link to reset your password.

How do I get my test result?

You'll receive your results straightaway when you complete your test online. If you complete your test via fax, your results will be emailed and SMSed to you within two weeks of the closing date.

What will the Johnson & Johnson Pharmacy Academy course cover?

The Johnson & Johnson (Pty) Ltd Pharmacy Academy is here to support your learning journey. This year you can expect to:

  • Recognise basic symptoms and improve your background knowledge
  • Receive easy-to-understand information on certain everyday products
  • Build your confidence in product recommendation (remember, only pharmacists may recommend products)
  • Build on your customer service skills
I work full-time... will I still be able to complete the course?

Yes. The course is a self-study programme, so you can decide how to best manage your time. Tests are short and to the point and take only a few minutes to complete once you’ve read the study material. Competitions are also quick and easy to enter.

Can I move pharmacies and still complete the course?

Yes, most definitely. Remember it is important that you update your details as soon as you move so we can ensure you get your study material on time.

You can update your email address and mobile no. at my profile on mypharmacyacademy.com. For any other updates, please either contact your current J&J rep or the Johnson & Johnson Pharmacy Academy Team at info@pharmacademy.co.za or +27 21 480 9625.

If you move to a pharmacy that doesn't have a J&J rep, you can still complete the course - we'll simply email you the material and you can access it on our Online Learning Platform mypharmacyacademy.com.

Can I participate in the Johnson & Johnson Pharmacy Academy more than once?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of times you take part.